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Binder for Executor or Financial Agent

The time surrounding an accident or death can be confusing, as well as highly emotional.  Often, decisions must be made very quickly.  People may feel uncomfortable talking about emergency planning and about their final wishes, yet when the time comes, those decisions can add an extra burden to an already grieving and stressed family.

Please use this list to prepare a 3-ring binder or a computer folder of scanned documents to record your vital information, to guide your agents to obtain access to important accounts, to give them emergency information, and to provide a road map following an accident, during a period of illness, and/or at your death.  By taking the time to do this now, you can help ease the many responsibilities and fears of the ones you love.

1. Social Security numbers, full names, and birthdates

2. Copies of Wills and Trusts with information on where originals are kept

3. Copies of passports with information on where originals are kept

4. List of financial/retirement accounts, including institutions, account numbers and access codes/passwords and any beneficiaries

5. List of credit cards, including account #s and passcodes

6. Funeral plans, burial plots or cremation pre-payment arrangements

7. Health insurance policies and information, including deductibles

8. Life insurance policies, including account numbers, death benefits, and beneficiaries, as well as contact information for your insurance agent

9. Homeowners’ policies for all homes

10. Personal property insurance; policies specially insuring property like jewelry

11. Birth certificates for all family members

12. Divorce settlement agreements, final orders and divorce modifications

13. Military records and discharge

14. Social Security information

15. Car titles, information on car loans and car insurance policies

16. Copies of all family drivers’ licenses

17. Long term care insurance policies

18. Umbrella insurance policies

19. Copies of everything in your wallet and purse

20. Boat titles and information on docking and storage

21. Mortgages/Deeds to Secure Debt on all real estate

22. Warranty Deeds or Quitclaim Deeds for all real estate

23. List of bills paid monthly and periodically,  including addresses

24. Federal and State tax returns for the past 3 years

25. Safe deposit boxes – location, keys, and who else has access

26. All passwords and user names and PIN numbers used on computers, cellphones, and at financial institutions/ATMs

27. Advance Directives for Health Care

28. Financial Powers of Attorney

29. Promissory notes or evidence of debts

30. Stock certificates and savings bonds — or copies, with information on where originals are located

31. Pension information and annuity contracts

32. Frequent flyer program information and passcodes

33. Contact information for all important family and friends

34. Contact information for companies you hire to do work — house repair, cleaning service, yard service, accountants, attorneys

35. List of all automatic payments on-line, when made, account numbers, passcodes

36. If you own a small business, where the corporate documents are kept (operating agreement, corporate books, bank accounts,  insurance information).

37. If you own a small business, all information on who should assume management responsibilities in the event of your incapacity or death


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